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Operating company with sailing spirit, developing with sailing culture

Over 20 years development after Fortune Lighting established, besides hard work, we also pay attention to the internal vitality of company and employee's life and hobby. So Fortune Lighting sailing team came out, it not only enrich our part-life, but also integrate sailing spirit into company's operation. Exploration has formed a distinctive feature of company culture.

Perform each one's duty , unity and cooperation

Sailing emphasizes position responsibility, fully corporate with all parties, it requires team members to trust and cooperate with each other in the same time. During push on company project, Fortune Lighting team adhere to their respective duties, clear division of responsibilities. To enhance the internal team spirit in the same time. In close and tacit cooperation, complete project with high efficiency and high quality.

Face the challenge and ride against the wind

The nautical spirit emphasizes against wind and waves, face the dangers and fearless. This spirit is also highlighted in the promotion of project. Our team adheres to the attitude of facing the challenge and ride against the wind, repeatedly overcame difficulties in the project. With professional ability, successfully accomplished the 600m high Shenzhen Ping An Financial Center Project, solved the technical difficulties of three sides turning curtain wall of Chongqing Carnival building, it was well received by the public.

Confidence and courageous, exploration and innovation

Sailing combine competition with exploration. It has a complex and diverse requirement on the individual qualities of sailors. Fearless in the competition, calm down and face the challenge, so we can ahead of others, win in the innovation. Our company develops with the attitude of young, passionate, high spirited and enterprising. Keep forward with a professional and steady pace, we have self-designed innovative technologies such as curtain wall, lighting system and so on. Ahead of other companies to step into the overseas lighting market, achieved the real exploration navigation.