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Quality control


In the beginning of Beijing Fortune Lighting System Engineering Co.,Ltd established, we are committed to quality control, strive to create high quality lighting projects. After more than 10 years hard work, we are mature in this field.

Quality control steps:

1. We choose projects cautiously, choose those projects that clients and designers are both striving to build high quality. To provide customers integrated solutions with effective design, deepen design, lights procurement, construction and installation. It is the foundation of completing a boutique project.

2. Strictly implement designers' lighting design, efforts to corporate with lighting designers, combine with the actual situation to deepen design and replace lighting fixtures. We do not represent any brand of lighting fixtures, do not produce lights, which makes us more fair to consider about customer's actual situation to complete the deepen design and procurement. We recommend that client use domestic and international brand-name products, and standard products.

3. Experienced design team, strict deepen design management process to ensure the deepen design quality.

4. Strict qualified supplier registration system to ensure the quality of purchasing products. ;

5. Experienced construction team and strict construction management system on site to ensure the construction quality.

6. On time after-sales service to ensure the lighting effect of the project is long-term and accurate.

Experimental Study

Quality Management System